Pink cases proved to be the most loved device for young women. They are neither sophisticated as the gregarious socialites nor naïve as the childish teenagers. They excel in handling the controversy in existence between maturity and childlikeness without making any compromise. This characteristic is manifested in all aspects, including their words, actions and attitudes towards life. In purchasing iPhone 4 case, those featuring pink colors are what appeal to them most. In line with this, we want to recommend young women several trends of iPhone 4 pink case.

Pink iPhone 4 candy case with Daisy Flower

An iPhone encased in such a pink sleeve often strikes others as impressive. This case is rather simplified for women who loathe too much complex detailing. The top part of the pink cover near the camera is adorned with a blooming daisy flower, adding vividness and femininity as a whole. The embossed beads are scattered on the petals, below which there is a smooth curved beaded line. All these decorations suit the inclination of young women to the point.

Pink iPhone 4 case with Pearl Lace

This candy case is similar to the first trend presented in the above part. The difference lies in its cute pearl lace design, which is mostly arranged and embroidered on top right corner. The pearls, thought artificial, are still vivid enough to ensure the users a sexy and glittering look. The romantic lace surrounding the camera sets a white background to please any viewer’s eyes. This pink case for iPhone 4 can best pair with young women wearing shining earrings and lace dresses.

Pink iPhone 4 case with Angle Wings

Needless to say, each young girl’s dream resides in the angel-winged iPhone case. It is made of high quality TPU material that is with outstanding durability. Additionally, earphone cable can also be wound around the wings to save your troubles of irritating tangling. However, the wings placed on the back cover deserve extra care and attention if you do not want to see them spoiled.

Pink iPhone 4 glitter case

This pink glitter case features a shining style by using spark palette in the producing process. The dazzling pink sparks makes it easy to spot in the dark light. Interested young women are advised to wear it to be in harmony with dresses in bold bright colors and patterns.

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